ACTS #13a - The Church At Antioch, & a little freestylin’…

We'd intended to continue in our series through the book of ACTS, with our text being Acts 11 & 12 & the subject being the development & growth of the Church at Antioch. However, we ended up in a bit of a different place.

It started when we had 8 of our middle & high schoolers share what had stood out to them/what they'd hear God speak to them at the "AWAKE" Summer Camp they just returned from. When they finished sharing, Tim Meredith asked if he could share with Hillside what he'd just heard from the 8 students:

"You have purpose (Joey Locke), you are worthy (Alex Trimble), so worship me (Jeff Behymer-Smith), be kind to people (Anissa Behymer-Smith), and I'll give you the desires of your heart (Alyse Locke), and I'll give you peace (Luke Ballard), expect the unexpected (Sawyer Robbins) and my love will surround you (Nate Drum)."

These encouragements served as a launching pad for the rest of the day. Take a listen!

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