Living A Blessed Life #1

Last year, our family car was totaled in an accident... because it was a 'no-fault' accident, & no citations were issued, our insurance didn't cover the cost of repairing, let alone replacing the vehicle.  In a moment of worry & anxiousness, my wife 'wished' out loud that we had the money for a car.

Later that day, she was taking a nap, & felt a 'nudge' from the Holy Spirit. She heard the LORD gently ask her, "Do you want to be rich, or do you want to be blessed?"

It was a simple, but very significant moment for Joni (& for our family.) In that question, she understood that the LORD was reminding her that He is our provider. That He is our source. That He gives us favor. That as His people we live in His blessing. And that the temptation to fear, be anxious, & worry was just that - temptation. She tearfully answered, "I want to be blessed; me & my family too."

She heard the LORD whisper, "Look for My blessings, & when they come, & when you see them, be thankful!"

Two days later, we received an unforeseen gift of $2500, earmarked for a vehicle.

I know not every blessing we have is financial or tangible, but this one was - & also was a huge reminder that God is watching out for us.

Over the next several weeks, we're going to be exploring what it means to "Live A Blessed Life" - our text for this series is Matthew 6:19-34. We'll be talking about what it means & looks like to "seek firs the kingdom of God, & His righteousness...

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