Living A Blessed Life #4: Time

What is one of our most valuable assets? Something that can never be replaced?


Once its gone, its gone, & there's no getting it back.

Part of 'Seeking the Kingdom of God first, & His righteousness," is looking at & evaluating our priorities & values, the way we spend our days, & live our lives.  What we'll probably find is that we have 2 sets of each:

The first is known as ascribed (or preferred) priorities & values - these are the things that we think & believe that should be important, (like spending time with God, building & strengthening family/friend relationships, & exercise/physical fitness...)   priorities that may not actually be showing up or be measurable in our days, our calendar, & our time/energy/resource investment...

The second set are actual values - the things that we're really giving ourselves to; where we spend our time...

We're talking today about what it could look like to make a CHANGE with how we live & invest our time. It starts with  setting aside a good chunk of time to ask God the questions:

  • What would You have me give myself & my time to?
  • Where & how can I be investing in what really matters, the things that are lasting?
  • How can my habits, thought patterns, & behaviors be transformed?

My prayer for us as we ponder this today comes from lyrics in the song, "Passover" - from the album Grace by Joe Day.

Take the first of my thoughts/Take the first of my time/Take the throne of my heart...

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