Waiting for the Promise #4 - Finding Rest

One of the most significant aspects of waiting for the Lord can involve ceasing from our activities & work - a.k.a. regularly disengaging from the demands of life, our never-ending to-do lists, & the constant input of media, music, & noise so that we can come to rest in our body, soul, & mind, thereby recharging, refocusing, & renewing our relationship with God.

A great way to do this on regular basis is to celebrate a weekly Sabbath rest where we buck the busyness trends of our culture, lay aside the “tyranny of the urgent” & let the Holy Spirit remind us of who (& WHOSE) we are by affirming our identity as human BE-ings, (not human DO-ings,)  created in the IMAGE of God to live for the GLORY of God.

The Sabbath rest involves four steps:


This week as we explore waiting in the context of Sabbath rest, our texts begin in Matthew 11:28-12:8 as well as Luke 10:38-42.

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