ACTS #19 - Corinth

Paul was used to the transiency and the constant threat of danger his life's work carried with it. He & his team would enter a city, share the Good News, & then do what they could to build up & encourage the fledgling church. Then, inevitably, within a few weeks or months, he'd have to run for his life, with an angry, determined mob hot on his trail.

Corinth was different - Paul was able to invest 18 months there. It wasn't that he didn't get persecuted; its just that it didn't escalate to physical violence. Because of this, a strategic & influential work was started. The congregations that resulted from his time there are the focus of the 1st & 2nd letters to the Corinthians, & are a source of great insight, inspiration, & instruction to us.

The text for today's message can be found in Acts 18