Amazing Grace #5 - LIVE FREE

In John 8, Jesus declared that His disciples will remain in, live out, & apply His words... and as a result, they will know the TRUTH & the TRUTH will set them free... Further, whomever Christ sets free, is really, truly FREE. Paul emphasizes this fact in Galatians 5 when he reminds his readers that Jesus' purpose in bringing humanity FREEDOM from sin, condemnation, separation from God, & death was that we would actually LIVE FREE, not bound by slavery to our flesh (the part of us that actively/passively resists the work of the Holy Spirit in & around our lives.)

So how do we do this? What could this look like lived out? What are some of the characteristics of LIVING FREE?

Paul calls it, "keeping in step with the Spirit" - in other words, rather than depending upon our own willpower, abilities, &/or efforts to do good, instead we embrace the fact that this happens by grace, through faith. We trust & depend upon the Holy Spirit, the One who lives within us, moment by moment - believing that He will lead & guide us in whatever we give ourselves to, day by day, to the glory of God. The characteristics of LIVING FREE & keeping in step with the Spirit are evident in us, showing up as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control...  The Spirit builds these God-family-traits into us & they get manifested as we live everyday looking to do what Jesus would be doing if He were walking in our shoes...

I'm praying for you today - to LIVE FREE & keep in step with the Holy Spirit!

Blessings, grace, & peace to you!


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