Amazing Grace #6 - LIVE & GIVE

The Apostle Paul wraps up his letter to the Galatians with “the law of the harvest.” He doesn’t call it that, but it’s exactly what it is. Ultimately, whatever you plant in the ground, you will see grow. If you plant corn, you will grow corn. If you plant a peach tree, eventually, you will get peaches.
Using the same principle, he challenges the Galatians to keep in mind whatever they plant in their lives, they will see that grow in their lives. If they invest themselves in their flesh (the part of us that actively/passively resists the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives – see Galatians 5:19-21), they will reap/receive/grow corruption, destruction, & death.
However, if what they invest themselves in is the Spirit’s work in their lives, they will reap/receive/grow LIFE!
That, to me, is great news! God promises that our ‘keeping in step with the Holy Spirit” will bring about His abundant, overflowing, life – we will be being transformed in our thoughts, our hearts, & actions. Ultimately, we will look like Jesus, & be fully equipped to live doing what Jesus would be doing if He were in our shoes.
So don’t give up! Keep going! You will see the results of saying “Yes” to the Spirit, & “No” to the flesh. Galatians 6:9,10
I’m praying for you – be filled with faith, & live it out by grace!

Blessings, grace, & peace to you!


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