Ephesians 6: On A Mission From God - Navigating Relationships

As we've been trekking through Ephesians over the last several weeks, one of my takeaways has been that we Christ-followers are on a mission from God, & each of us are called to live for the praise of His glory in our local context - looking to do good... Basically, as Jesus' representatives, our role to do & be what Jesus would be "doing & being" if He were in our shoes. As I have been thinking through the WHENs, WHEREs, & HOWs to live out my mission,  I found that I was thinking in abstracts, not about specific relationships where I can "do good." Fortunately, the section of Ephesians we're looking at this week gets up close & personal about this, & challenges us to start with our 'common relationships' e.g. the people we interact with the most, including (but not limited to) our spouse, kids, co-workers, bosses, family, & friends.

As I re-read this passage, I am convicted & challenged - it doesn't do any good for me to do some seemingly great thing in Christ's Name if I am being a tool to my wife, frustrating/provoking my kids, slacking at work, & disrespecting my boss, etc... To live incongruently like that undermines the mission I've been entrusted with & drags my (& Jesus'!) name & reputation through the mud. Instead, I want to take the time & expend the effort to be the best man, husband, father, friend, & employee I can be - because the people I interact with in those situations are worth it. And, one day, I will stand before God to give an account of how I lived... I have a feeling that He's not going to start asking about the mission trips I went on, or the people I led to Christ. I believe He will start with asking about how I lived my mission with my wife. Kids. Friends.... you get the idea...

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