FLIPPED #1 - Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount

God’s people awaited their Messiah (the Anointed One) for thousands of years. Prophecies declared that He would be of the Israelite tribe of Judah, a direct descendent of King David the giant-killer. Among His titles would be King of kings & Lord of lords, the Sun of Righteousness, Wonderful, Counselor, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. The Old/First Testament prophets declared that the government would “rest upon His shoulders.”
Its no wonder that Israel was looking for a conquering king who would come with great military & political might to overthrow the Roman Empire & take His rightful spot on the throne in Jerusalem.  Except…  When Jesus arrived on the scene, it was with great humility. He was (seemingly) a nobody from a nowhere town. He wasn’t interested in challenging Rome or seeking power or personal glory. The Jewish religious leaders didn’t know what to make of Him… but crowds of people swarmed after Him to hear Him speaking with great authority, proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven, healing the sick, & bringing deliverance to the oppressed. Jesus & His message flew in the face of everything that the people of the world expected from a king…
This Sunday, we’re starting a series called “FLIPPED: Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount.” We’ll be exploring Christ’s messages in the Gospel of Matthew chapters 5-7, & we’ll be looking at how the message of the good news is flipped  in comparison to the prevailing culture, values, & pursuits of our world, & also how we can actively & intentionally be disciples (fully devoted followers) of Christ.

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