Keeping the Sabbath #1 - STOP

Ever read a passage in the Bible that made you frustrated? I have - a while ago, I was reading in the Gospel of John & came across the part where Jesus tells His purpose for coming:

"I have come that you would have life in all its fullness."

One of the reasons that that scripture bugged me so much was that I wasn't even experiencing a 'tolerable' life, let alone 'life in all its fullness.' I was busy, harried, rushed, overburdened, & headed for burnout. My relationships were strained from me always going & going - & worse, the very things that I thought would be a help to me in living life in fullness (praying MORE, reading MORE, doing MORE,) did nothing to help me out of my funk. Worse, they left me with a feeling of despair.

And then I discovered a gift that God has given to us: the Sabbath. Today, we're exploring one of the most essential parts of the Sabbath, something that is absolutely imperative for us to enter into God's rest; the Sabbath begins when we STOP.

Our text for the message today is John 10:10 & Deuteronomy 5:12-15

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