Keeping the Sabbath #3 - CELEBRATE

Jesus said that one of the reasons He came was so that “…we would have life, & have it in abundance; that we would live life to the fullest... “(John 10:10b w/paraphrase)

This kind of life doesn’t just happen to us - it comes from following Him. Living life differently; not just adding God to our list of things to do, but recognizing that He IS the list that life’s happenings are written on.

A big part of experiencing life in all of its fullness is discovering God’s gift to us: The Sabbath. This designated, set apart “holy time” helps to put our life in perspective, reminding us of our worth to God, not just for what we do or accomplish, but because we’re His loved sons & daughters…

Something that I’ve found very helpful for me in this Sabbath discovery is breaking it into 4 distinct & significant parts: STOP - REST - CELEBRATE - REFLECT

Today, we’re exploring CELEBRATE - the part of the Sabbath where we Celebrate God, Celebrate Life, & Celebrate Relationships with others

Our text for the message today is Isaiah 58.

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