Living A Blessed Life #6: Making Room

A few weeks ago, my wife got hired at Starbucks - which is good news for us. The bad news is that her morning shifts often start at 5 a.m. In the summer, this probably wouldn't be an issue. In the dead of winter, however, this meant that her car, parked outside in our driveway, not only had to be warmed up, but also had to have all the windows scraped of ice before she could drive it. NO ONE looks forward to doing that at 4:45 a.m.

So, we took the plunge & cleared & cleaned our garage of the accumulated Stuff of 21 years of marriage, family & life together... at least enough so she could park her car in the garage. We celebrated! God used this situation as a 'picture' of something I'm learning - if I want to be able to receive His blessings, there are times I will need to 'make room' for them - perhaps something is in the way, needs to be moved, or needs to be gotten rid of. Regardless, just like an unorganized (dirty?) garage kept us from being able to park in it, an unorganized, (dirty? cluttered?) life can keep me from receiving God's blessings.

One such area that has a potential for such a blockage is our, we're continuing our series, "A Blessed Life" & we're looking at how God can deal with areas that cause blockage in our life, & also how we can prepare or "Make Room" for His blessings.

Our text is Matthew 6:19-34, & Matthew 12:33-37.

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