Waiting… for the Promise #5

Right before Christ ascended into heaven, He told His disciples to do two things:

  • -Go back into Jerusalem (the city where, a few weeks prior, Jesus Christ was crucified)
  • -WAIT for the empowerment that comes with the promise of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus knew the significance of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christ-follower - the mission He gave them in Matthew 28:18-20 wasn't one that could (or can) be accomplished merely by training, education, zeal, will-power or perseverance. Rather, He knew that we all need the promise of the Holy Spirit to give us the fuel, the power, & the ability to be witnesses for Him in our neighborhoods, our communities, & to the ends of the earth. Literally, wherever on this planet we go/end up, the Holy Spirit gives us everything we need to accomplish God's purposes & mission in our lives: this means He gives us the strength, power, boldness, gifts insight, wisdom, & favor in our time of need.

As we conclude our "Waiting for the promise" series today, my hope is that each of us continues to wait expectantly for God’s promise to be worked in our lives - that we would be filled/refilled with the Holy Spirit so that we would actively & intentionally engage the world around us with the love of Christ.

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